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Porchie the TV out board for your DMG

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Pre orders now being accepted for a Jan/Feb shipment. 

GB modders, meet Porchie. The Composite out board for your DMG

He needs 5v, Gnd and 4 signal wires from the GB PCB and will output crisp sharp PAL composite monochrome video. Ready for your TV, Projector, Capture card etc. 

If your TV was built some time in the last 15yrs, it should sync to PAL video just fine. Best to google the TV model to confirm. 


2x linear image upscaling - 320 x 288 image exactly fills the TV screen. 

2bit greyscale

Tiny size, even smaller power consumption. 

This is not for the beginner modder. There are only 6 wires you need to connect to the gameboy plus 2 that go external to the RCA socket. The wires will be small so if this is your first project perhaps ask a competent friend to help out.

Full install guide to come. 

$10 tracked shipping within the US will be available. Economy Untracked $8 shipping also available but this is not insured. Leave a comment on checkout for either of these options and I'll refund the difference.