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VGA Modded DMG-01 - CPU Rev 06

Regular price $100.00

For sale is a fully working DMG-01 with my VGA module fitted. Both LCD and VGA output can be used simultaneously.

I have fitted a 5v Step-up/Step-down regulator ( to efficiently maintain 5v system supply throughout the batteries lifespan. Power consumption is now only 20% more than an original DMG so power packs are not necessary.

This contains v1.1 of my VGA module and is suited for LSDJ more than gaming. There are some graphic artefacts when multiple sprites move on the same scanline. This will be fixed in a later revision and is not an issue with LSDJ.

You will need to splice the 4 VGA wires into your own VGA cable, or attach a VGA female socket to the flying leads. Spare Mini XLR plug is supplied.

Flash cart not included.

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