Wrapping up Gen3 updates, and something new!

Posted by Benjamin Grimmett on

As of today, Software and Firmware are at v3.15. This release now supports ALL GBA save types, SRAM, FLASH, FRAM and EEPROM in all available sizes. It supports the dumping of all* GBA ROM's both bootleg and commercial.

GB/C support has been complete for some time now and I'm pretty happy with the flash cart support. I still want to add support for nanoloop carts though getting hold of one is proving problematic.

There are still one or two features I will add to Joey's software like better GBA cart size detection and a foolproof way to stop the dumping of Flash Saves on a SRAM cart (Don't do it!) The last update for Joey will stop at v3.16 and should be out in the next week or two. Of course, if you find bugs, a new flash cart or compatibility issues, contact me and I'll do a snappy update.

*one particular type of bootleg GBA cart actually contains copy protection! This is truly amazing and I'll be documenting the reversal of copy protection in the coming weeks.

NEW NEW NEW! I'll be releasing a NES cart dumper in the coming weeks. It will be in the same style as the Gen3 Joey both physically and the GUI. Cart Mapper auto-detection will be one of its features alongside auto iNES header generation, super fast dumping, save dumping and writing and even flashing of compatible carts. Like the Gen3 Joey, compatibility will start off quite limited but rapidly develop until all mappers are supported!

Check back for updates!

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  • Spoke too soon! Downloaded the beta 3.17, extracted then ran the JoeyJoebags3_17.exe found in the dist subfolder. Each time I try to run it, I get a brief flash of a black window (looks similar to a cmd window) then nothing more happens. Am I doing something wrong?

    Anonymous on
  • Thanks for that Ben. You rock man.

    Anonymous on
  • I have just uploaded a x86 version of 3_17. This will work on your system

    BennVenn on
  • So I am trying to run the exe in the v3.15b download and it wont open (Windows XP and Windows 7). Same with v3.15. If I use the v3.11 download, the program works. I use this to upgrade my Joey Joebags firmware to v3.15b but no new options appear when I run the v3.11 exe again! Any suggestions welcomed!

    Anonymous on
  • Hi Eidis,

    OK! so,

    1) The ROM and RAM size are contained within the actual carts header. This is a small block of information contained in every cart and includes the Nintendo logo which is used as a authenticity check in the gameboy. If a bootleg cart deliberately corrupts this information, unfortunately that is the manufacturers doing. If you are under-dumping you can always dump the ROM via the BennVenn 64M cart option, this will dump an entire 8mbyte ROM which is the largest any commercial mapper can support. You can then go in with a hex editor and remove mirrored data to get your ROM.

    2) As for EMS32, Use EMS64. They are identical with the exception of a second bank activated when you reset the gameboy. I’ll fix that issue in the next release.

    3 – 6) Well…. . My hdd crashed a while ago and with it went my source. I have bits and pieces backed up but none are at the current build that is available on my page. I do plan to roll the compiler into Joey software and make it drag and drop. I’m not sure if you are aware but I have a SD flash cart available very soon. This is similar to an Everdrive except 25-50% the price. This will likely replace my 256M carts in the very near future.

    BennVenn on

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