New GB Flash Cart in the works! Posted on 12 Apr 12:53 , 49 comments

I'm building a more 'modern' flash cart for the GB. The question is, would you prefer it USB like a Drag'n'Derp? or SD card based like an Everdrive?

SRAM will be 128k to satisfy the LSDJ folk, what is the maximum ROM size you would like it to support?

4Mbytes is the most cost effictive, this would cover 99% of GB/GBC games.

The cart price is targeted at $50 but hopefully strong support will bring the price down.

Let me know your thoughts!


Wrapping up Gen3 updates, and something new! Posted on 30 Mar 19:58 , 13 comments

As of today, Software and Firmware are at v3.15. This release now supports ALL GBA save types, SRAM, FLASH, FRAM and EEPROM in all available sizes. It supports the dumping of all* GBA ROM's both bootleg and commercial.

GB/C support has been complete for some time now and I'm pretty happy with the flash cart support. I still want to add support for nanoloop carts though getting hold of one is proving problematic.

There are still one or two features I will add to Joey's software like better GBA cart size detection and a foolproof way to stop the dumping of Flash Saves on a SRAM cart (Don't do it!) The last update for Joey will stop at v3.16 and should be out in the next week or two. Of course, if you find bugs, a new flash cart or compatibility issues, contact me and I'll do a snappy update.

*one particular type of bootleg GBA cart actually contains copy protection! This is truly amazing and I'll be documenting the reversal of copy protection in the coming weeks.

NEW NEW NEW! I'll be releasing a NES cart dumper in the coming weeks. It will be in the same style as the Gen3 Joey both physically and the GUI. Cart Mapper auto-detection will be one of its features alongside auto iNES header generation, super fast dumping, save dumping and writing and even flashing of compatible carts. Like the Gen3 Joey, compatibility will start off quite limited but rapidly develop until all mappers are supported!

Check back for updates!

Gen3 is coming... Posted on 30 Aug 22:01 , 14 comments

A recent HDD crash has made me re-write Joey's firmware from scratch, again. During the re-write I was thinking of the best way to support OSX, Linux, Windows on both GB and GBA carts. The solution, the Gen3 Reader Writer (Name TBA). I'm about 6hrs into the firmware + software of Gen3. What I can say for now is that Gen3 firmware will run on Gen2 hardware and the PC side software is coded in Python 3. To get the GBA functionality it is strongly recommended you use the dedicated Gen3 hardware which will have onboard 3.3/5v logic switching. 

For the programmers, all data is handled via Bulk In and Out endpoints. A driver is included for Windows. OSX and Linux will not require one. The protocol will be fully documented and open source. The Python scripts will also be freely available. I don't intend on releasing the firmware source though I am open to any and all feature requests.

This new software will add support for the rare GB/C MBC's (certain Japanese games, FF series etc) as well as generic MBC's. Support for modifying a carts RTC will be there, SRAM, EEPROM, GBCamera, re-writing a vast number of flash carts including EMS32,64 and BennVenn carts. All the complex stuff will be handled on the PC end giving the Gen3 the absolute widest compatibility with all known carts.

So that's what's new!


New Colours, Latest order shipping and New supplier of PLA filament! Posted on 20 Aug 12:10 , 1 comment

Hey everyone!

These guys were due to be shipped today but still waiting on the GB Cart connectors to arrive. I haven't forgotten about you! Hang in there.

I've recently changed supplier of my PLA filament to Bluprinted brand. Very impressed! Perfect prints every time. Lower extruder temp, great bed adhesion. If you're in OZ I'd recommend you drop by their site (No affiliation with them, just really impressed with their PLA!)

Firmware Developments and other news Posted on 16 Aug 15:03 , 0 comments

Progress has been made on cross platform compatibility. Currently Joey Squinson (BennVenn cart version) firmware is at v1.07 which now includes linux support (tested on latest LTS Ubuntu) and is due to be tested on Win8.1,10 & OSX today.

Update - I'm told Win10 was a success. Not so with OSX. I managed to get hold of a Macbook Air (running Lion) to finally pull off some detailed USB enumeration trafic. Mac does things very different when enumerating and most of the quirks have been ironed out. Joey enumerates and sucessfully dumped both ROM+RAM. Still need to iron out flash writing bugs but we're almost there! If I can borrow the Mac again tonight I think we'll be good

Email me for the latest version - it is still in development so no doubt there will be bugs I need to find and fix.

I'm pushing for OSX support to be complete this week. I'll be adding support for Android Tablets/Phones too (if equiped with a USB host port)

Once this latest release has been confirmed stable, the updates will be patched to the EMS64 Firmware.

The latest stable release BV1.05 has been confirmed stable on Windows8.1 with improved transfer speeds compared to earlier Windows OS's.

The last of the parts for my next batch of Joey's should be arriving this week. Current orders will be shipped ASAP.

Joey Squinson colours now include Black, White, Blue, Orange and Green. Leave a note on checkout if you would like to change your colour, or would like a colour not listed. That's all for now. Thanks for following!

All products are now made to order Posted on 27 Jul 21:17 , 3 comments

You might have noticed many items are still 'out of stock'. I have been busy fulfilling orders this last week and haven't been able to make much progress on firmware updates. The last of the orders will be assembled and sent tomorrow and all new orders will be on hold until I make some progress on the Firmware updates. OSX and Win8.1 compatibility is soooo close!

If you are after something please email me and I'll put some time aside to assemble it for you.

Hope to be back on top of everything soon!


Carts in stock soon, kind of.... Posted on 30 Jun 22:20 , 2 comments

I've been swamped with work and fulfilling orders these last few months and I'm finally back on top of it all. My items will slowly become available once again. I've delegated the cart assembly, programming and testing to a good friend of mine and he will have them available on eBay in the coming days. Link will be posted on the respective cart pages. He's a little new to all this so please direct any questions to me :-)

Back orders shipping today! Posted on 30 Jun 22:15 , 0 comments

The remaining parts have arrived and all units are assembled, programmed and tested. Shipping today!

Next Batch Shipped Today! Posted on 03 Jun 09:50 , 0 comments

Sorry for the delays everyone, Your orders were flashed and tested late last night and will be shipped today!

Backorders now being shipped! Posted on 24 Apr 12:40 , 0 comments

For those that ordered Joey Squinsons prior to the 24th of April, your orders will be shipped today/Monday. A solid 11 hrs of printing, soldering, programming and testing has fulfilled almost all current back-orders. Another few hours today should see the remaining orders assembled, tested and shipped out Monday afternoon.

Thanks for your patience!!! 

Please keep in touch regarding the latest firmware updates - There have been a few changes in the last week.