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Posted by Benjamin Grimmett on

You might have noticed many items are still 'out of stock'. I have been busy fulfilling orders this last week and haven't been able to make much progress on firmware updates. The last of the orders will be assembled and sent tomorrow and all new orders will be on hold until I make some progress on the Firmware updates. OSX and Win8.1 compatibility is soooo close!

If you are after something please email me and I'll put some time aside to assemble it for you.

Hope to be back on top of everything soon!


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  • Hey B.R, check you inbox

    BennVenn on
  • I’ve tried everything I can think of but it still stalls when erasing and becomes completely unresponsive when I try to read cart info. The cart is in good working order, tool won’t read cart info from anything, tested with a few different working carts, including retail carts. Checked with GBA carts to see if I was accidentally shipped the wrong version but still no luck. Not using a USB hub or cable. Tried with the three different versions of the tool that I could find online- can’t find version numbering anywhere so not sure which to use.
    It’s set to the correct mode (1-2, GBC). I’ve just reinstalled XP to see if that helps but it’s made. I’ve tested using several prolific driver versions. I’m definitely using the correct comm port and the test comms button works (LED flashes). Tried with multiple computers. Bought directly through this shop in May, not sure how to check firmware version. Any common problems that you know of that might cause this issue?

    B. R. on
  • Hi. I purchased a Reader/Writer Gen1 (GB/GBC) from you back in May and am just testing it out. Your website has a lot of dead links and I can’t seem to find an email address for you unfortunately. I’m having some difficulty trying to find the right version of MrFlash Writer online as I can’t find a direct link and there seem to be a couple of different versions online.
    Can’t seem to find any complete documentation either. Where can I find the latest version of the writer and documentation? It’s not working for me at the moment and would help a lot. Thank you!

    B. R. on

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