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Posted by Benjamin Grimmett on

Progress has been made on cross platform compatibility. Currently Joey Squinson (BennVenn cart version) firmware is at v1.07 which now includes linux support (tested on latest LTS Ubuntu) and is due to be tested on Win8.1,10 & OSX today.

Update - I'm told Win10 was a success. Not so with OSX. I managed to get hold of a Macbook Air (running Lion) to finally pull off some detailed USB enumeration trafic. Mac does things very different when enumerating and most of the quirks have been ironed out. Joey enumerates and sucessfully dumped both ROM+RAM. Still need to iron out flash writing bugs but we're almost there! If I can borrow the Mac again tonight I think we'll be good

Email me for the latest version - it is still in development so no doubt there will be bugs I need to find and fix.

I'm pushing for OSX support to be complete this week. I'll be adding support for Android Tablets/Phones too (if equiped with a USB host port)

Once this latest release has been confirmed stable, the updates will be patched to the EMS64 Firmware.

The latest stable release BV1.05 has been confirmed stable on Windows8.1 with improved transfer speeds compared to earlier Windows OS's.

The last of the parts for my next batch of Joey's should be arriving this week. Current orders will be shipped ASAP.

Joey Squinson colours now include Black, White, Blue, Orange and Green. Leave a note on checkout if you would like to change your colour, or would like a colour not listed. That's all for now. Thanks for following!

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