Gen3 is coming... Posted on 30 Aug 22:01 , 14 comments

A recent HDD crash has made me re-write Joey's firmware from scratch, again. During the re-write I was thinking of the best way to support OSX, Linux, Windows on both GB and GBA carts. The solution, the Gen3 Reader Writer (Name TBA). I'm about 6hrs into the firmware + software of Gen3. What I can say for now is that Gen3 firmware will run on Gen2 hardware and the PC side software is coded in Python 3. To get the GBA functionality it is strongly recommended you use the dedicated Gen3 hardware which will have onboard 3.3/5v logic switching. 

For the programmers, all data is handled via Bulk In and Out endpoints. A driver is included for Windows. OSX and Linux will not require one. The protocol will be fully documented and open source. The Python scripts will also be freely available. I don't intend on releasing the firmware source though I am open to any and all feature requests.

This new software will add support for the rare GB/C MBC's (certain Japanese games, FF series etc) as well as generic MBC's. Support for modifying a carts RTC will be there, SRAM, EEPROM, GBCamera, re-writing a vast number of flash carts including EMS32,64 and BennVenn carts. All the complex stuff will be handled on the PC end giving the Gen3 the absolute widest compatibility with all known carts.

So that's what's new!