DMG 3" Backlit LCD Kit

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New Ribbons are here, now included.

This Kit includes a custom Front PCB WITH ribbon cable and brand new 3 inch backlit LCD screen. You will need to solder on your old speaker. The PCB interconnect ribbon comes pre soldered when purchased here, other distributors may provide this loose and you'll need to solder yourself. 

You will need to enlarge the viewing window in the DMG front shell, and provide your own LCD protector (Kitsch-Bent sell these). Some shell modification will be required. Soldering required for your existing speaker and 2 backlight wires. 

While not a drop in replacement, this new screen does offer a superior backlight, amazing contrast and comparable refresh rate with the original. Due to the STN construction of the LCD there are some contrast artifacts on heavy grey images but these don't normally occur during gameplay. This can be seen in the image with the BennVenn SD logo - and is the absolute worst case example.

This LCD does have blur/refresh latency similar to the original and isn't ideally suited for fast moving high graphics games like DKC. It is best suited to static or slow moving/RPG games. LSDJ, Pokemon, Tetris etc.

Questions are welcome, stock is limited!

Backlight color is white, you can replace the 0805 size smd leds to change the backlight color.