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Joey Jr

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The Fastest, Easiest to use cart dumper/flash you can buy!

Supports all GB / GBC / GBA carts. Backup and restore save files, dump ROM's for emulation, re-write ROM's to bootleg game carts.

Make your own GBA Video Carts, preserve your GB Camera images.

Official User Guide Here

Have questions about bootleg carts? Look HERE


Cart compatibility?

All official GBA carts supported: ROM dumping, Reading and writing of all save types, EEPROM, SRAM, FRAM, Flash128k/Flash64k. 

All official GB & GBC carts supported: ROM dumping, Reading and writing of all save types SRAM, FRAM - Including GBA e-reader

GB camera image dumping is supported! All your images conveniently presented as bitmap files to your PC, tablet, phone etc.

Official Nintendo Power Cart multi rom support just added!

Bootleg Flashing: We regularly order new varieties of bootleg from Aliexpress/eBay/Taobao to check and add support where necessary. If you have an unsupported cart, head over to our discord and let us know. If you drop the link you used to purchase, we'll make an order to ensure it's added to the next firmware update. Take a look down below on what we've tested Jr on so far, GBC and GBA.

How it works: Joey Jr needs no software or drivers. It works much like an external hard drive. You can drag your roms and save off, or on. You can play your cart directly in an emulator from the cart and saves will be automatically updated on the cart when you're done. Super easy to apply gameshark codes, high speed grinding, patching etc. Ideal for battery swaps, GB Camera image extractions, Save and ROM backups

USB-C cable is required and not included. We have a small amount here

Transfer speeds:

GBA cart dumping 710kbytes per second - ~23 seconds for a 128mbit GBA cart (Pokemon for example) - 6x faster than any competing product.

GB/C cart dumping - ~330kbytes per second - 3 seconds to dump Pokemon Red, can boot in an emulator faster than on a real Gameboy. 5x faster than any competing product

GBA Bootleg Flashing speed up to 355kbytes per second - under 50 seconds to flash Pokemon Ruby (16mbytes) to your bootleg. More than 10x faster than any competing product. 12minutes to reflash a 2048Mb GBA multi-cart vs 2hours+ on other flashers.

GB/C Bootleg Flashing speed - 90kbytes per second - 1mbyte ROM (Pokemon red) in 12seconds. 4x faster than any competing product.


*OSX support: While it was tested on my 2008 iMac, OSX support is not guaranteed. It isn't uncommon for apple to change their USB MSC drivers which can break compatibility with emulated file systems. We recommend Joey is used on a Windows machine, or a Mac running windows/bootcamp etc.

Linux/Pi? I've coded a simple script HERE you can use on max/linux/pi etc to flash ROM's, update firmware etc via the command line. As with any script, use at your own risk.

Firmware Updates: Type UPDATE into Mode.txt to enable updates and drag the latest firmware file over to the Joey Jr. Updated in ~1 second. Simple! ONLY USE GENUINE BENNVENN FIRMWARES FOUND HERE

The Latest ROMLIST.RAW file can be found HERE - unzip it and drag romlist.raw to your joey. Updated 31 May 2022

Joey Terminal Script  (linux/pi/mac etc) - SU access required

V2_03_00 - BETA Large re-writes in core code - Support added for Bung/MrFlash 4M/32M/64M multi carts. Increased Flashing speed for GBC bootlegs. Support for 29DL GBC Bootlegs added. Speed increase in dumping GB/C/A carts. SRAM overwrite protection added (No$GB/VBA/BGB can include RTC data in the main save file which overwrites cart SRAM - Joey now ignores this extra data which could trash a genuine cart's save). Enhanced debug reporting upon GBC bootleg flash failure. 12 October 2021. PLEASE REPORT ALL BUGS - IF SOMETHING IS BROKEN, REVERT TO 02_29.

V2_02_31 - BETA Significant speed increase - up to 65% faster. Supporting V2++ hardware with upgraded MCU. Now approaching 10x faster than our competition. Better MAC support (still in beta phase). 20 September 2021.

V2_02_29 - STABLE. Support added for bootlegs using WINBOND branded flash, support added for the latest 32Mbyte bootlegs with battery GBA cart. 3 August 2021.

V2_02_28 - More bootleg support - 64K SRAM support added for battery backed GBA bootlegs. Info in the readme. 30 July 2021.

V2_02_27 - Kirby Tilt'n'Tumble EEPROM save file support added (MBC7) 29 July 2021.

V2_02_26 - Bug fix - Bootleg Autodetection falsely detecting some GBA games as bootlegs. Fixed! 7 July 2021.

V2_02_25 - Support added for new Mother3 bootlegs, new GBA16M bootlegs, Flash save access enabled for Mother3 bootlegs, support for aliexpress Poke Crystal bootlegs, V2CC hardware autodetect and MBC30/CC mode auto enabled. Fake cart detection added. 3 July 2021.

V2_02_24 - Support added for "BX2006_TSOP_64BALL_VA" GBA bootleg (Flash IC ground flat - no part number - suspected S29GL256P). GBC bug introduced in V2_22 fixed. 7Apr2021.

V2_02_23 - Support added for GBA bootleg "4350Q2" - 32MB/64K with battery support. 6Apr2021.

V2_02_22Beta - An entire Gameboy CPU emulator built in!!! Why? Modern bootlegs don't contain batteries. Where the game stores it's save in ROM is different in every game. The only 100% reliable way to find where and how it has been stored is to execute the code responsible for loading and saving. This firmware does that! Access batteryless saves via drag'n'drop of the .SAV file. This is a Beta firmware. Report any issues in our Discord. 1Apr2021

V2_02_21 - Added 'batteryless-save' mode. Access the save directly inside the ROM on your GBA bootleg via the 64/128k .SAV file. Supports most GBA ROM Patches [save loaction 0xFC0000]. 31Mar2021

V2_02_20 - Support added for the next generation of 32MB GBA Bootlegs out of China. 26Mar2021

V2_02_19 - Auto Detect added for Japanese "POCKETCAMERA" and USA/EU "GAMEBOYCAMERA". 19Mar2021

V2_02_18 - Support added for GBC Bootleg "SD007_TSOP_48BALL_V8" - found from Aliexpress seller 'Glygame. Store'. These Zelda carts contain batteries if you're on the hunt for a cheap battery backed cart. Thanks for the link @Indicah. 9Mar2021

V2_02_17 - Cart Checksum Check added. MODE.TXT will become MODE!.TXT if the cart checksum fails indicating bad contact. This will help with a potentially bad dump from dirty contacts or cart not inserted correctly. 3Mar2021

V2_02_16 - Custom firmware Released only on Discord at users request

V2_02_15CC - Modified firmware for a modified Joey Jr. This firmware requires a 10k resistor to be soldered between pins 32 and 30 to function. This mod is required to flash MBC30 Crystal Clear DIY carts. You can leave the resistor on for other firmwares but it must be present for this firmware to function correctly. 24Feb2021

V2_02_15 - FCE0/1/A/B mode added. WRT0/1/A/B mode added (FCE & Test Write to address 0x000000 for GBC/GBA bootlegs). Support for Veund's DIY cart has been added (Also Catskull's 32k cart, IG's 32k cart etc). UPDATE mode has been added. Write UPDATE to mode.txt before a firmware update or it will be ignored. Visit discord for more information. 22Feb2021

V2_02_14 - Full Chip Erases mode added - For GBC carts which don't fully erase during a standard write, we've added FCE0 and FCE1 modes. These carts have been ordered and will be fully supported upon arrival, until then, use FCE0 mode to erase the flash, then flash as normal. Visit discord for more information. 15Feb2021

V2_02_13 - Support added for 2048Mbit GBA Multi-Carts (369in1, 12in1 etc). Use MGBA0 - MGBA7 to access each 32mbyte Flash Bank. Visit our Discord for more info. 13Feb2021

V2_02_12 - Support added for Inside Gadgets GBA carts (32M / RTC), IG 2M/4M GBC Carts. 10x write speed for IG GBA carts. New Chinese (taobao) flash cart support added. 10Feb2021

V2_02_11 - New GBA Bootlegs added - 4050_4400_4000_4350_36L0R_V5. 10Feb2021

V2_02_10 - Fix for Japanese PokeGreen (MBC1-32kB SRAM). Updates to various hombrew cart flashing algorithms.  9Feb2021

V2_02_09 - Released only on Discord at users request

V2_02_08 - Released only on Discord at users request

V2_02_07 - Fix for flashing the SharkMX gameboy dial up modem & email cart. 27Jan2021

V2_02_06 - Added support for the latest sample of GBA bootlegs we've received from China using the ST branded M29W128 type Flash IC's. 15Jan2021

V2_02_05 - Reported bug regarding MegaMan Battle Network GBA saves (FRAM) [And potentially other FRAM carts based on MB85R256 FRAM IC] has been fixed. 21Dec2020

V2_02_03 - Nintendo Power Cart is now supported! Use NPC in Mode.txt to enable NPC mode. GBA SRAM save file size reduced to 32kbytes. More bootlegs tested and added to the supported list below. 25Oct2020

V2_02_02 - ROM's and Saves are named according to their header information. Saves you having to rename after dumping if you've got a lot of carts to get through. Framework added for V2 hardware (Auto voltage select, PHI signalling for GBcamera carts). You can drag your rom or save direct to joey without renaming to first. 21Oct2020

V2_02_01 - A bug introduced in the previous firmware regarding 512byte eeprom saves is fixed. GBCamera mode added!!! Enter CAM into MODE,TXT to enable direct BMP file dumping from your GBCamera. You can even plug Jr into you phone or tablet on the go. It's dozens of times faster than a BitBoy or other GBPrinter emulation devices. Win10 caches thumbnails so there is the chance an old thumbnail will appear, but open the bmp and current images are in there. 19thOct2020.

V2_02_00 - A bit of a re-write to now support 64k firmware updates. You must use this update before you can progress onto further V2_02_xx firmwares. Lots of new stuff coming in the next release, including GBCamera mode - Instant access to bitmap files when your GBcamera is inserted. Compatible directly with your smart phone! 18thOct2020.

V2_01_08 - More work done on the Flash Algo's. More GBC and GBA flash carts supported. Now supports DIY carts (MBC3/30 carts, Pokemon Cystal/Gold Flash Mods etc). ElCheapoSDv2 bootloader reflashing support added. Support link changed to our Discord. 16Oct2020.

V2_01_07 - More work done on the Flash writing algorithms, no longer needs FLASHTBL and will identify a lot more GBC flash cart varieties automatically. More information added into DEBUG.TXT. GBC Multi carts now supported!. Added MULTI0, MULTI1, MULTI2, MULTI3 to MODE.TXT to lock multi cart block regions. Power cycle required to change blocks. 1Oct2020.

V2_01_06 Graceful rebooting after update. Added a MODE.TXT file to force GBC or GBA mode for carts incorrectly identified. Also to access hidden data in bootleg ROMs(Saves etc). 29Sep2020. 

V2_01_05 - This contains ROMLIST and FLASHTBL files for your Joey Jr. Also contained is the firmware to update your V2 Joey. Whats new in V2_01_05? Added GBA bootleg flashing (Only have a small sample of carts here now to test, MSP55LV128 based carts - More are on their way)

V2_01_04  - This contains the early ROMLIST and FLASHTBL files for your Joey Jr. Also contained is the firmware to update your current Jr to Ver2 Firmware (Only update your Ver1 Joey Jr on a WINXP/7 USB2.0 machine (Real or VM) - Other machines will work but run the risk of bricking and your joey will need to be returned for reflashing - or you can manually reflash with a STLINK programmer) There is no risk of bricking from V2 firmware onwards.


Supported bootlegs/carts for re-flashing (That we have tested):

Shark MX 256kbyte cart with inbuilt UART and Modem.


GBC chinese bootleg's Tested so far...

GBA bootlegs tested so far