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Pre-orders open! New V2 hardware with USBC socket, Auto voltage selection, added flash cart support. Expected to ship Late November.

V1 hardware is in stock and ready to ship NOW!

Looking for GBC/GBA carts to get started? Look HERE

A quick-start guide HERE by Spiritek (Thanks!!)

We intend on releasing V2 PCB's towards the end of this year, the only difference is Rev2 will select 3v or 5v depending on the cart type automatically (and perhaps the compatibility of the vintage MrFlash bung carts), where the existing version you need to flick a switch on the board.

USB3 is now supported, Tested on Windows XP,7,8 and 10, Android devices supporting usb devices. We're told the current firmware now works on Mac's! This is untested by us so please proceed with caution.

The current state of the firmware:

GBA carts: ROM dumping, Reading and writing of all save types, EEPROM (8k,512b), SRAM, FRAM, Flash128k/Flash64k.

GBC carts: ROM dumping, Reading and writing of all save types (So far tested 32k/8k/128k saves).. GB camera image dumping is supported! All your images conveniently presented as bitmap files to your PC, tablet, phone etc.

Bootleg Flashing: We've been adding all kinds of bootleg support to Joey, with another dozen or so coming in the following weeks. Take a look down below on what we've tested Jr on so far, GBC and GBA. Nintendo Power Cart multi rom support just added!

Joey Jr needs no software or drivers. It appears as a USB drive. You can drag your roms and save off, or on. You can play your cart directly in an emulator, from the cart and saves will be automatically updated on the cart when you're done. Super easy to apply gameshark codes, high speed grinding, patching etc. Ideal for battery swaps, GB Camera image extractions, Save and ROM backups

USB cable is not included. It uses a standard USB printer cable (USB-B), or USBC cable on V2 Joey Jrs.


Transfer speeds:

GBA cart dumping ~375kbytes per second - 42 seconds for a 128mbit GBA cart (Pokemon for example) - 5x faster than any competing product.

GB/C cart dumping - ~250kbytes per second - 4 seconds to dump Pokemon Red, can boot in an emulator faster than on a real Gameboy. 5x faster than any competing product

GBA Bootleg Flashing speed ~64kbytes per second - under 4 minutes to flash Pokemon Ruby (16mbytes) to your bootleg. More than 3x faster than any competing product.

GB/C Bootleg Flashing speed - 50kbytes per second - 1mbyte ROM (Pokemon red) in 21 seconds. 3x faster than any competing product.


It doesn't get easier than this!

Enclosure Optional - 3D printer files will be available free to download. Not included.

*OSX support: While it was tested on my 2008 iMac, OSX support is not guaranteed. It isn't uncommon for apple to change their USB MSC drivers which can break compatibility with emulated file systems. We're told this latest firmware is OSX compatible.

Firmware Updates: We've made updating simpler, instead of a complete firmware update, which is available, we've also added ROMLIST files. These are to add support to new cart types, bootlegs etc. The community can add entries to them and share them to enable flashing of new and old bootlegs, flash carts etc.

We currently have over 2400 GBA rom titles in the ROMLIST, there are still some we need to add and adding is super easy. We'll release a guide in the future. Currently, if the rom is not on the rom list, it will be presented as a 32mbyte ROM with all save types available. You will need to google, or open your cart to choose the correct save type.

You are purchasing your Joey Jr on the understanding the current state of firmware is final. We are constantly developing the code to add more support but this is when we have time and is in no way guaranteed. Do not purchase this expecting constant, or any, firmware updates.

V2_02_03 - Nintendo Power Cart is now supported! Use NPC in Mode.txt to enable NPC mode. GBA SRAM save file size reduced to 32kbytes. More bootlegs tested and added to the supported list below. 25Oct2020

V2_02_02 - ROM's and Saves are named according to their header information. Saves you having to rename after dumping if you've got a lot of carts to get through. Framework added for V2 hardware (Auto voltage select, PHI signalling for GBcamera carts). You can drag your rom or save direct to joey without renaming to first. 21Oct2020

V2_02_01 - A bug introduced in the previous firmware regarding 512byte eeprom saves is fixed. GBCamera mode added!!! Enter CAM into MODE,TXT to enable direct BMP file dumping from your GBCamera. You can even plug Jr into you phone or tablet on the go. It's dozens of times faster than a BitBoy or other GBPrinter emulation devices. Win10 caches thumbnails so there is the chance an old thumbnail will appear, but open the bmp and current images are in there. 19thOct2020.

V2_02_00 - A bit of a re-write to now support 64k firmware updates. You must use this update before you can progress onto further V2_02_xx firmwares. Lots of new stuff coming in the next release, including GBCamera mode - Instant access to bitmap files when your GBcamera is inserted. Compatible directly with your smart phone! 18thOct2020.

V2_01_08 - More work done on the Flash Algo's. More GBC and GBA flash carts supported. Now supports DIY carts (MBC3/30 carts, Pokemon Cystal/Gold Flash Mods etc). ElCheapoSDv2 bootloader reflashing support added. Support link changed to our Discord. 16Oct2020.

V2_01_07 - More work done on the Flash writing algorithms, no longer needs FLASHTBL and will identify a lot more GBC flash cart varieties automatically. More information added into DEBUG.TXT. GBC Multi carts now supported!. Added MULTI0, MULTI1, MULTI2, MULTI3 to MODE.TXT to lock multi cart block regions. Power cycle required to change blocks. 1Oct2020.

V2_01_06 Graceful rebooting after update. Added a MODE.TXT file to force GBC or GBA mode for carts incorrectly identified. Also to access hidden data in bootleg ROMs(Saves etc). 29Sep2020. 

V2_01_05 - This contains ROMLIST and FLASHTBL files for your Joey Jr. Also contained is the firmware to update your V2 Joey. Whats new in V2_01_05? Added GBA bootleg flashing (Only have a small sample of carts here now to test, MSP55LV128 based carts - More are on their way)

V2_01_04  - This contains the early ROMLIST and FLASHTBL files for your Joey Jr. Also contained is the firmware to update your current Jr to Ver2 Firmware (Only update your Ver1 Joey Jr on a WINXP/7 USB2.0 machine (Real or VM) - Other machines will work but run the risk of bricking and your joey will need to be returned for reflashing - or you can manually reflash with a STLINK programmer) There is no risk of bricking from V2 firmware onwards.


Supported bootlegs/carts for re-flashing (That we have tested):

Shark MX 256kbyte cart with inbuilt UART and Modem.


GBC chinese bootleg's Tested so far...

GBA bootlegs tested so far