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Joey Jr

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The Fastest, Easiest to use cart dumper/flasher you can buy!

Supports all GB / GBC / GBA carts. Backup and restore save files, dump ROM's for emulation, re-write ROM's to bootleg game carts.

Make your own GBA Video Carts, preserve your GB Camera images.

Official User Guide Here

Have questions about bootleg carts? Look HERE

Cart compatibility?

All official GBA carts supported: ROM dumping, Reading and writing of all save types, EEPROM, SRAM, FRAM, Flash128k/Flash64k. 

All official GB & GBC carts supported: ROM dumping, Reading and writing of all save types SRAM, FRAM - Including GBA e-reader

GB camera image dumping is supported! All your images conveniently presented as bitmap files to your PC, tablet, phone etc.

Official Nintendo Power Cart multi rom support just added!

Bootleg Flashing: We regularly order new varieties of bootleg from Aliexpress/eBay/Taobao to check and add support where necessary. If you have an unsupported cart, head over to our discord and let us know. If you drop the link you used to purchase, we'll make an order to ensure it's added to the next firmware update. Take a look down below on what we've tested Jr on so far, GBC and GBA.

How it works: Joey Jr needs no software or drivers. It works much like an external hard drive. You can drag your roms and save off, or on. You can play your cart directly in an emulator and saves will be automatically updated on the cart when you're done. Easy!

USB-C cable is required and not included. You can grab one here

Transfer speeds:

GBA cart dumping 710kbytes per second - ~23 seconds for a 128mbit GBA cart (Pokemon for example) - 6x faster than any competing product.

GB/C cart dumping - ~330kbytes per second - 3 seconds to dump Pokemon Red, can boot in an emulator faster than on a real Gameboy. 5x faster than any competing product

GBA Bootleg Flashing speed up to 355kbytes per second - under 50 seconds to flash Pokemon Ruby (16mbytes) to your bootleg. More than 10x faster than any competing product. 12minutes to reflash a 2048Mb GBA multi-cart vs 2hours+ on other flashers.

GB/C Bootleg Flashing speed - 90kbytes per second - 1mbyte ROM (Pokemon red) in 12seconds. 4x faster than any competing product.

*OSX support: Results may vary. Mac's write dozens of megabytes of hidden system files when you connect a USB drive to your Mac. This confuses Joey and can trash saves. We recommend Joey is used on a Windows machine, or a Mac running windows/bootcamp etc.

Firmware Updates: Type UPDATE into Mode.txt to enable updates and drag the latest firmware file over to the Joey Jr. Use only firmware's we provide here.

The Latest ROMLIST.RAW file can be found HERE - unzip it and drag romlist.raw to your joey. Updated 24 Mar 2023 (Thanks @Lesserkuma!)

JoeyGUI - A windows application for your Joey Jr. Please visit our discord's JoeyGUI channel before testing this beta software and firmware. v0.06

Joey Terminal Script  (linux/pi/mac etc) - SU access required

MBC3K- MBC3K firmware update, supports our new MBC3000 flash carts. 20 July 2023

V2_02_29 - STABLE. Support added for bootlegs using WINBOND branded flash, support added for the latest 32Mbyte bootlegs with battery GBA cart. 3 August 2021.

V2_02_00 - A bit of a re-write to now support 64k firmware updates. You must use this update before you can progress onto further V2_02_xx firmwares if you have an early joey Jr (Pre Oct 2020).  18thOct2020.


Supported bootlegs/carts for re-flashing (That we have tested):

Shark MX 256kbyte cart with inbuilt UART and Modem.


GBC chinese bootleg's Tested so far...

GBA bootlegs tested so far