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Game Gear VA4 / VA5 / Majesco IPS Kit

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FPGA prices are on their way up again - Price increase expected next batch (June)

Update! The new universal 3d printed frame is now included! The frame fits VA0/1/4/5/Majesco!

Read this before ordering!

The VA4 ASIC (Also found in VA5 and majesco, not VA0 or VA1). This was Sega's last revision to the hardware. Sega's cost cutting reduced the VA4's color depth from 4096 colors (VA0/1) to only 512 colors. There are likely other shortcomings of this ASIC not yet found.

SMS mode is NOT supported. TV Tuner is NOT supported.

What is supported in this kit?

  • Frame locked GameGear mode
  • Va4/5/Majesco compatible (4/5 install guide currently available)
  • 4 scaling options
  • scanline options
  • Adjustable image position in 2x integer scaling mode
  • Brightness is fixed at 100% (though there is a mod you can perform on the motherboard to use the brightness wheel to adjust brightness) More info on this mod is in our discord.

We will continue to work on the firmware for the VA4/5 kits. Firmware is NOT updateable.

These are early days on the VA4 kits. Please report all bugs or suggestions to our discord channel and we'll roll them into the next revision if we can.

Install pics below:

CLK wire connection

CLK Wire connection

T2 Wire Connection

T2 wire connection

5V wire

5v wire connection

GND wire

Ground wire connection

Up and Down Button connection

Up (C20) and Down (C21) connections

Start button connection

Start (C26) connection

Front wiring

Front side connections - Note, there are many alternate pads for these, on the front and back. Refer to our discord.

Front wiring

Installed and working.

3d printed frame misalignment.


Additional notes:

Remove both fuses, Remove the backlight inductor as per VA0/1 installs. Recap and ensure console plays game audio before installing the LCD kit. There are alternate solder points for everything (except T2).

VA5 install:

 First install completed by discord user Blinkz! (Scanlines on)