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GameGear HD Video Kit

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Install Guide - Please read before voiding your warranty

Update!: Orders are ready to ship! 

  • SMS mode is supported!
  • Audio is still not supported
  • Some VERY old HDMI monitors/tv's will not support frame locking to the gamegears frame rate. Frame locking can be disabled on our kit though screen tearing may be visible in this mode. So far in our testing, all TVs and computer monitors support frame locking.
  • The video protocol we use is DVI - All monitors and TV's that we've tested here work fine, We are aware of one brand new Samsung TV which does not detect the video signal as we cannot include licensed HDMI code which that particular TV set requires. You can use a 'pass through' device or a DVI converter to fix this.
  • Firmware IS updatable over USB.
  • On Screen Display is not yet complete, we're planning to release a firmware update when we're happy with it.

Note! Your GameGear must be recapped and working correctly. A LCD is not required in your console, tested to work with OEM screens and BennVenn IPS screens. May work with others, not tested.

Option1: HD video PCB only - A small pcb which requires soldering. Will produce HD video on the PCB via a full size HD socket.

Option2: HD socket install kit - A HD extension cable and resin printed mounting bracket to route the crisp video to the bottom of your GameGear. PCB not included

Option2 is necessary if you plan to add a HD output to your console. Option 2 is not needed if you're making some kind of Frankenstein consolized GameGear.

Shell cutting (slot for the HD video connector) is required for Option2.

Pics and install guide will be available prior to shipping. VA0/1 consoles only. Video only - Audio not implemented over HDM.