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Multiboot Adaptor for GBA

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We've just received 300pcs of counterfeit ST-Link dongles :-( Unfortunately we won't attempt to stocking these until the silicon crisis is over and prices return to normal. If you have one or want to risk it for the biscuit, the rest of the kit is now available, unassembled (PCB, Link port, Header - you will need a GBC link cable found HERE)

Support is not available due to the many different types of ST-Link available, clones and genuine. Also take a look at using this same hardware for the GB/C HERE

Featuring the same Drag'n'Drop interface as our Joey Jr cart flasher, this device will allow instant transfers of your MultiBoot roms direct to your GBA. No cart needed! Transfer speeds to the GBA are approx 64kbytes/second.

Great for homebrew, rare multiboot dumps (Gamecube animal crossing archives, ereader dumps etc.), code development (instant testing etc)

Using the supplied MultiBoot ROM's, we've turned your GBA into a Cart Dumper. ROM Dumping speeds = 2mbytes/minute. Dump rare GBA proto's with copy protection, safely using real GBA hardware!

We're working on Save file tools too, and Bootleg Cart flashing software over Multiboot. 

More info in our discord.

GBA not included. ST-Link Not Included. Link Cable Not Included.

You are purchasing an Unassembled PCB, Link Port, Header.