Reader/Writer Gen3 - The joey-joebags


Approx 1 week assembly time. 3d printing is slow! I plan to use the rest of my existing filament which means enclosure colour is completely random (mostly fluoro colours). If you are set on a particular colour, don't buy this batch! - Current Colour is Clear Dark Blue

Gen3 Reader/Writer - GB/GBC/GBA - Ever growing flash cart support.

v3.18c - Now supports re-flashing the Chinese clone Pokemon carts! ~$4 for a re-flashable cart!!!

V3.15 - currently supports ROM dump of all GB/GBC/GBA Carts and Read/Write SRAM to all GB/GBC Carts. Also for my El-Cheapo Flash Carts

Flashing support for EMS64/32, BV64/256, Nintendo Power Cart, Shark MX cart.

Bung and Fightercart support will be added in the next revisions.

Tested with EMS64, BennVenn, NP cart, MX cart, Pokemon Series, assorted GB/C carts. Original and bootleg GBA carts. Bung cart arriving soon for testing. 3D printed enclosure (multiple colours available)

Flash cart not included!

Joey is no longer a Drag n Drop style device. There was far too much work trying to keep up with various OS 'updates'. Gen3 is coded in python and will run on any system with Python 3.4.3, PyUSB and Tkinter installed. Compiled stand alone binaries are included for Windows machines.

GameBoy Camera supported!

You may have noticed the GB Camera variant in the drop-down menu above? This Gen3 has been modified to enable the GB Camera to send images back to your PC in real time. Current image rates are 5 fps though hoping to increase that with the next firmware release. Maybe even video capture/export! - As of late December last year, GB Camera streaming has been added to the standard Gen3

Hardware protocol is open source, as is the python script. Adding support for custom carts and mappers has never been so easy!