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TEC-1D - Talking Electronics Z80 trainer computer - PCB only

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Meet the Talking Electronics z80 computer/trainer!

Australia's answer to the Microprofessor and similar trainers. The idea with these computers is you learn machine code/assembly through the TalkingElectronics magazines and test it out on your very own budget computer. The CPU used is the Z80 which is a very close relative to the GB/GBC processor, and also found in various other consoles like the GameGear. A very versatile CPU which found its way into almost all home and business computers back in the early days. This is where I learnt coding on the GB/GBC!

You can access all the Talking Electronics magazines on Collins website. (You're looking down the left hand column for Magazines - I believe the TEC appears from the 10th issue).

There is still a huge following for these computers and as such, Collin has given me permission to make a 2018/19 batch of these PCB's, identified with the words "Reproduction" On the PCB as to not devalue the originals.

The photo below is one of my own TEC's which I develop code and hardware on. I'll be adding the hardware to the store as time permits, this includes:

  • 8x8 led matrix for playing games like snake and other games suitable for a small playing field.
  • EPROM emulator which instantly transports code from your PC to the TEC for rapid code development in a modern IDE
  • Video card with SD/PS2/Serial interface which enables the use of a TV on your TEC - great for games like space invaders, MSBASIC, CPM, whatever you can think of!
  • Speech board - Using the speech chips of the day, you can relive the excitement of making your TEC sware!
  • Serial Board - interface to other serial devices, including your PC.
  • DAT board - A lcd interface with the ability to save data to a casette tape.

You'll be receiving my own modified version of the PCB with an upper layer added to save you hours running dozens of wire links around the PCB. This is all done for you! The build guide, parts lists etc are all in the magazines.

I am located in Australia so cheap local postage is available. For international orders, contact me and we'll work out the best value to get it to you. It is large, a bit bigger than an a4 sheet and weights about half a pound.