BennVenn Gen2 & Mac Yosemite Posted on 22 Apr 00:20 , 0 comments

One of my customers running the latest OSX release (10.10 - Yosemite) emailed me regarding my devices not connecting to his Mac. After much investigation the problem was due to Apple re-writing their USB drivers, in particular closer attention to detail within packet sizes on a transmission. Previously, Windows and Linux truncated excess data in a packet and parsed only the information it requested. Yosemite takes this a step further and should a packet size be inconsistent, It will abort enumeration completely.

Yosemite also keeps a close watch on Fat12 file systems and doesn't seem to like non standard parameters. It is a good sport in this regard and will allow the data to be passed without a big fuss.

Having found these faults, a fix in on the way. It is complete and is in testing. Currently only tested in a VM, though I'll be visiting a friend with the latest Macbook for real world testing in the coming days.

If you have my Gen2 products and are using a Mac, email me for the latest Joey Squinson firmware update!

Back Ordering Posted on 04 Apr 10:30 , 0 comments

The last of the 20 unit first production run will be shipped on Tuesday, Currently sold out until the 24th April where the next batch will be ready to ship. I'll enable acceptance of new orders until then, you will be placed in a queue and listings will be updated accordingly. I didn't think they would be this popular!

Thank you everyone for your support!

Firmware version 1.01b ready! Posted on 04 Apr 10:22 , 0 comments

Firmware v1.01b


  • 41% speed increase writing to an EMS cart.
  • Internal Flash wear-levelling implemented during firmware updates.
All Joey Squinsons will now be shipped with this firmware.

Joey-Squinson now supports GB Camera image dumping Posted on 27 Mar 19:43 , 0 comments

I've finished testing GBCam support in firmware release 1.01 and I'm happy to announce my Gen2 Reader/Writer supports SRAM dumping with absolute reliability. 

Intentional corruption was tried time and time again during SRAM dumping with no ill-effects to the contents of the cart. Rest assured your valued images can be extracted quickly, safely and reliably with Drag and Drop convenience!

Firmware Updates Posted on 25 Mar 20:33 , 0 comments

One of the great advances in my Gen2 products is the ability to accept firmware updates to increase functionality. This blog will display the progress for various updates and links to download them as they become available.

If you find a bug in my device, please post it here and I'll get a fix ASAP

Mod_1.01 - EMS64 Flash support - 100% Complete - Both pages. Approx 12 second flash time for writing LSDJ to the cart. No more drivers. Drag'n'Derp! Also added is GB Camera Support. Get those pics off before that 20yr old battery fails!

BennVenn cart support 90% - Firmware complete, just need to merge with v1.01

Mod_1.02 - GBA Support - TBA