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Lynx IPS LCD Kit

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Please visit our discord if you need assistance with your install - Bridge the Lynx1 jumper on the PCB if installing in a Lynx 1. Guides available in our discord, or here

Check out AtariGamer's store HERE - They sell cap kits, IPS kits, VGA cables, Flash carts, power supply kits, homebrew games, cart protectors, your one stop shop for your Lynx!

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Why our kit over the others?

  • Superior IPS Panel - Rich warm colors, deep blacks, amazing viewing angles, super efficient
  • Single PCB can support LynxI and LynxII consoles
  • Supports our IPS or TFT panels.
  • VGA out to play on your TV/Monitor/etc (Compatible with our VGA mag connect cables)
  • Brightness control via the contrast wheel
  • Optional On-screen Low Battery indicator
  • Options for Vertical/Horizontal/No scanlines
  • Double the battery runtime compared any other kit (Will not crash your game as batteries get low or glitch your controls)
  • No soldering required (for LynxII, soldering required for LynxI)
  • 3D printed install frame by Atari Gamer takes the guesswork out of alignment when installing. 
  • Only one component needs removing from the PCB (LynxII) or one wire cut (LynxI) vs dozens with our competitors
  • Easily reversible to revert your system back to OEM spec if you choose (LynxII). 

What is included in the IPS Kit?

  • Universal LynxI/II screen driver PCB
  • Custom manufactured BennVenn IPS Screen
  • 3d Printed installation frame (Lynx1 or Lynx2 type)
  • Solderless install ribbon (Included in LynxII Kit only)
  • Capacitive touch module (To enable scanlines/VGA mode on LynxI)


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Compatible with ALL motherboard variants* (That we have tested! LynxI/LynxII/LynxI Japanese/Early LynxII)